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Saratov region, history

My name is Yudaeva Kate and I’m 14.
I’m in the 8th form
«Medical-Biological lyceum»
I live in Saratov.

I am fond of the history of my native land that’s why I’ve decided to take part in this project, which was recommended by my English teacher Malyaeva Valentina Petrovna.

Our Saratov region is famous for many surprising places. We are proud that Gagarin has landed after the space travel here. There is a conservatory known almost all over the world. It’s named after L. V. Sobinov, a great russian opera singer. We can’t mention the fact that there is one of the longest bridges of Europe in Saratov. But now I would like to tell you about my favorite place in our region, where I and my parents go very often , it’s Razin's rock. This rock is situated on the bang of the river Volga and on the border of Saratov and Volgograd regions. Its height is 35 meters. This is one of the widest places of the Volga.
Razin's rock is a mystical place. A lot of people see mirages, phantoms, hear strange sounds. Even people fell strange things. For example, when I visited this place, I laughed 10 minutes continuously! According to a legend, Stepan Razin's phantom lives in a «prison» for boyars! It’s a deep ravine with thick forest inside, where Razin punished the boyars. But in scientists’ opinion, all these strange things take place there because there is electromagnetic radiation from the remains of the ancient volcano! Besides, according to a legend, there is a grave of the wife of a False Dmitry. It’s Marina Mnishek’s tomb.
And, of course, a lot of poems and songs are written about this beautiful place! For example, «There Is a Rock On the Volga ». One of my friend has found a real treasure there. It’s a bag with ancient money! And I have found many different ancient things: clay pots, coins, accessories... But this place is famous not only for treasures. Especially for its big, round stones. The scientists assume that they are eggs of dinosaurs!
In conclusion, it is best place you can ever see! Thus welcome to our surprising «world»!

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