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East or West, Dukhovnitskoe is the best

Зотова Светлана
МОУ «СОШ р.п. Духовницкое», 7 класс
учитель – Чеботарева Надежда Владимировна

Every happy person has a place in the world, which he or she loves most of all. People express their love to their favourite place in different ways. Poets write verses, composers compose music, artists paint pictures and they make their native places famous in such way. As for me I love my birthplace Dukhovnitskoe and I would like to introduce it and its people to you. Dukhovnitskoe is a small village in the northern part of Saratov region. It stands on the left bank of the Great Russian River Volga. The village territory stretches along the river for 7km. My native place is situated in a very picturesque place. The landscape in this part of Saratov region is very beautiful – the magnificent Volga river with sandy banks and large forest areas.
My village’s history began in 1778. There are several versions of Dukhovnitskoe name origin. One of them says that barge haulers usually stopped there to take breath.
Nowadays Dukhovnitskoe is a modern village with some beautiful sights. But most of all our place is rich in talented people. The "visiting card" of Dukhovnitskoe land, the pride and cultural treasure of our village is the Russian and Cossacks Folk Song Ensemble “Volzhanochka”. The ensemble was founded in 1992 by Elena Smirnova. It is known far off Saratov region. “Volzhanochka” is the winners of different Music Contests. But the most important milestone in the ensemble's history was its triumph at the All-Russian Competition of Cossack songs "Kazachiy Krug held in Moscow in 2012. At this competition “Volzhanochka” became a prizewinner among several dozen groups. As a winner the ensemble took part in gala concert on the stage of Bolshoi Theatre.
May be Dukhovnitskoe is usual and uninteresting for other people, but for me it is the dearest place in the world.

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