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The celebration of Shrovetide in Saint Petersburg

Петряева Алина
ГБОУ СОШ № 151
Ученица 7Б класса

My name is Petryaeva Alina. I live in a beautiful city Sankt-Petersburg. I study in the Seventh form. Our school is number 151. I am fond of English and singing in my free time. So English and music are my favourite subjects.I take an active part in the folklore ensemble. So I would tell you about the celebration of Shrovetide in Saint Petersburg.
This holiday is the ancient holiday of Slavs. Shrovetide is celebrated during 7 days. During these days people clean and decorate their houses. They visit their relatives and friends. The most important day is Sunday. It is called “Forgiveness Sunday “. All people say one another, 'Forgive me, please'. People have a great family holiday on the last day. Adults measure with force and adroitness. Children sledge from the hills. The most important part of Shrovetide week is making and eating pancakes. We celebrate Shrovetide in our school every year. We sing folk songs, we take part in the competitions and play funny games. Citizens celebrate this holiday with great pleasure. Also we celebrate Shrovetide in the park named by Babyshkin. And this holidays is the family festival in all districts of the city. At the end of the holiday people burn straw dummy of Shrovetide Maid. It is a very funny holiday. All people have a good time.
There are a lot of old and new traditions in our city. We love our beautiful city very much. And we say to all visitors and tourists "Welcome to our city! We are glad to meet you and show all sights in our city!"

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