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The bridges

София Шерзад-14 лет,
8 класс школа №457

София Шерзад

St. Petersburg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hundreds of tourists come here from all over the world to witness the famous monuments of sculpture and architecture, stroll along the streets of the northern capital of Russia and the touch of her history. The city is the cultural center of world importance, often called "cultural capital".
St. Petersburg, or as it is often called the "Venice of the North" is a city built on islands. The central part of its interwoven network of canals and rivers, through which, nowadays there are many beautiful, unique of its kind, bridges. No wonder St. Petersburg is famous for the whole world drawbridges. However, fixed bridges also deserve attention, as are also the wonderful creations of bridge-building and architecture. Their names and history, they are an integral part of the city. In total, in the northern capital of our country, there are about 800 bridges of various types. In St. Petersburg there are bridges made from aluminum, iron, cast iron, metal, stone and even wood.
Every bridge has its own interesting story of creation and gets the name. And also there are many legends, such as Bolsheohtinsky Bridge saying that among one million rivets, there is a golden, shaded in one color with all the others. True, nobody knows where it is located.
For me, the bridges are beautiful, interesting, fascinating place to walk, look at the beauty of their night as they open on holidays, including fireworks and of course how they are constructed, because they all look very different, which adds more beauty and variety of our city.

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