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My favourite place in Ryazan

Учитель МБОУ «Гимназия № 5» г. Рязани
Ворончихина Татьяна Андреевна

School № 5 in Ryazan has become a special place for me. It has been my second home for more than 25 years. First I was a pupil of this school, then I became a teacher of English and now m y own children study here. I have been working at school for 15 years. So you see how many important reminiscences are connected with it and why this place has become s o precious for me. School № 5 was founded in 1956. It specializes in studying foreign languages. There are 720 pupils and 29 classes in our school. The headmaster and the staff are very talented, creative, caring and generous people. We have many interesting traditions. We like to celebrate different holidays such as the BIRTHDAY of our school, when each class prepares a present (I mean some dance or performance), the STARS of our school, where we award the best pupils, MASLENITSA with a lot of pancake eating, dancing, singing and competing in different contests and many others. I am also a form tutor of 8A and last year my class was called the best one at school. I am really lucky to work at such a wonderful school!!!

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