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Thoughts about Ryazan

Мануйлова Анастасия Борисовна
№1373; 9 класс Б

Меня зовут Настя, я учусь в 9 классе. Английский является моим первым иностранным языком.

My name is Nastya.I want to tell you about my favorite place in the world. First of all I would like to say that during holidays people like to travel. Some of them go abroad, but I prefer to go to the village. Every summer our family spends holidays in the country side. In place which is called Ryazan. It borders Penza, Republic Mordovia, Vladimir, Tula. There are different festivals and celebrations such as the annual equestrian festival. Viewers have the opportunity to witness these races. I think that this is the best place on earth, not only because there are a lot of leisure, but also because there we can relax from Moscow’s noise and fuss. There live our relatives. My uncle, aunt and two cousins. All the free time I try to be outside than sitting at home in front of the TV and playing on the computer. I love to spend time talking and playing with my cousins. Julia is the youngest (she is 4 years old) and Natasha is the older she is 12 years old). We love to go out and spend time together despite of the age difference. And something about my favorite place for spending free time. It is a uniquely beautiful lake with amazing scenery. There we can relax and spend all day. I would not trade this place for anything else. This is my second home.

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