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The Sorbonne of Ryazan

Куликов Федор 8В класс Гимназия 5 г. Рязань
Учитель Бухтеева Елена Валентиновна

Ryazan is one of the oldest Russian towns. It is 900 years old. Our city is one of the brightest pearls in the necklace of Russian cities. Wonderful architectural buildings are saved up to the present day. But the building of the first boy’s gymnasium takes a special place. The building of the gymnasium appeared on the right bank of the river Libed, at the Big Street. The building was built in the classical style. The architect was Matvey Kazakov.
The first boy’s gymnasium was called the Sorbonne of Ryazan. Russian language, mathematics, history, geography, physics, civil architecture, penmanship, drawing, religion, statistics, philosophy, fine arts, political economy and three foreign languages were studied in the gymnasium. The prestige of the first boy’s gymnasium was great. The graduates could enter Moscow University without examinations. The certificate of the gymnasium gave the right to teach in primary schools.
The first men’s gymnasium was the cultural center of Ryazan more than 100 years. The poet Ja.P.Polonski, historians P.I.Bartenev, D.I.Ilovaiski, philologist V.I.Shenroc, doctors A.I.Pospelov, N.P.Kravkov and P.M.Boklevski were the graduates of the first men’s gymnasium. The name K.Tsiolkovsky is also connected with the first men’s gymnasium.
The graduates of the gymnasium glorified our Motherland and became heroes. The gymnasium was closed in 1917. But people of Ryazan are still proud of their Sorbonne. Today polytechnic is situated in this building.

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