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Secret Number One in Samara

Ученица10 класса - Феткулова Альфина.
Учитель – Антонова Надежда Георгиевна
МБОУ Школа № 32 г. Самара.

Nobody ever could guess that there was one of the top political and military secret objects in Samara. When the German's had almost reached Moscow in 1941 Samara was chosen as a 'reserve' capital. Soviet government with Stalin at the head was planed be moved into this bunker in case of Moscow defeat. While many of the top Kremlin officials were relocating to Samara work had begun on accommodation for Stalin. The construction had no analogues both in time schedule and scope of work. The 8-meter diameter shaft down to the bunker was dug by hand to the depth of 37 meters under ground (just to compare - the Hitler's bunker was only about 15 meters deep). The construction was carried out day and night in the conditions of high secrecy so that not even the neighbors knew that construction was going on. It took the team only 9 month to complete the work in 1942. of the present. The bunker is an important historical heritage and we are proud of it.
Please, have a look at the first picture of the old unattractive building of Art and Culture Academy in the center of Samara city. It hid one of the most important secrets of Soviet government until 1990. Stalin's bunker was built here under the building. You can get into Stalin's bunker through that unnoticeable door (the second photo). You can get down to the bottom using lifts or 192 steps. You'll see the bunker preserved as it was in the 1940s. It includes a conference hall, offices, living rooms, a dining room and rooms on different floors. Six hundred people were planed to be placed inside of the bunker. It seems as if the time has stopped here, and nothing has changed since that time. It was turned into a museum in 1990, which was kind of sensation. of the present. The bunker is an important historical heritage and we are proud of it.
These days Stalin's Bunker is a museum but only to tour groups - no individual tours are available. Stalin's Bunker is one of the most curious museums of the present. The bunker is an important historical heritage and we are proud of it.

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