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Churches in Samara

Ученица10 класса - Сапожникова Валентина.
Учитель – Антонова Надежда Георгиевна
МБОУ Школа № 32 г. Самара.

Orthodox temple is an orthodox symbol of belief. At all times and everywhere, where orthodox belief was, Christians built temples, cathedrals, churches, monasteries. Samara also has a lot of different churches and temples. For example, Temple of the Holy Martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov and mother their Sophia; Chapel of St. Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow; Holy Resurrection Cathedral; Cathedral of Kirill and Methodius and many other beautiful churches. There are 28 temples, 1 monastery and 5 chapels in Samara city. In January 1850 at the initiative of citizens Iversky nunnery was opened in Samara. The Iversky Women's Monastery, or nunnery, was once home to more than 500 nuns. Some of the churches are built of wood without using any nails. The oldest one is Pokrovsky Temple (1861). The biggest one is Cathedral of Kirill and Methodius. It's height is 57 meters. A number of churches are being now.
There are other branches of Christianity, besides Orthodox, in Samara. There is Armenian Church in the city. In XIX century a fairly large Catholic Community was existed in Samara. In 1902 began a construction of the Catholic Church of St. Jesus. 28 of November 1999 for a Muslim was opened a mosque in Samara. Now there are 7 mosques here. There're also 3 synagogues in our city.
All the churches look beautiful both inside and outside. No doubt, they are a wonderful decoration of our city. Entrance to the churches is free for visitors.

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