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Togliatti, sights

Киселёва Галина Николаевна
МБУ лицей №6

My students of the 10th form of Lyceum 6 in Togliatti enjoy studying English and the Student’s book Spotlight helps them do it efficiently. I inspire them to take part in different contest in English. My students and I are proud of living in Togliatti.

Togliatti is our native town. It is situated on the left bank of the great Russian river – Volga in Samara region. Our town is old and young at the same time. The old name of the town was Stavropol. It was founded in 1717 as a fort to guard the Russian frontiers from invaders. It is a pity the old part of the town was flooded in 1953, but some houses were saved.
The second birth of the town is connected with the construction of the Hydro Power Station. Thirty years ago it was the greatest in the world, but nevertheless it impresses even now. In 1964 after the death of Palmiro Togliatti, the town was named in his honour. The third birth of our town is connected with the construction of VAZ – motor works, which was built with the help of Italian specialists. Now it produces about 3.000 cars daily. The whole town spreads along the bank of the Samara man-made sea. It consists of three districts: Komsomolski, Central and Autozavodski. They are separated from each-other by forests. Komsomolski district has the largest area with modern buildings and private houses at the same time. Central district is the oldest part. It has some places of interest. Autozavodski district is well-planed. The streets lined up with trees are wide and straight. Car-factory workers live here. Togliatti is the town on highly developed industry.
The nature is wonderful round Togliatti. The Zhiguli Mountains are the beauty of our region. In the forests one can meet birch-trees, pine-trees, aspens, oak-trees and other trees, flowers and animals. We are proud of our city!

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