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The 3D mock-up of Russia

Непочатый Георгий
ГБОУ СОШ № 151
Ученик 6 б класса

My name's Nepochatiy Georgiy. I am from Russia, I live in St-Petersburg . I 'm 13 . I study in the 6 form. I am fond of English and maths. I like surfing the Internet and playing computer games. I like playing football with my friends. It's possible to glance our splendid country by the view. There is a unique 3D mock-up of Russia in Saint-Petersburg. You can see the mountain ranges, rivers, roads and large cities of Russia. There are towns and villages, tunnels and bridges, ports and airports, railway stations, plants and factory, mines and petroleum towers, stadiums and military bases. There are some well-known sights : the Kremlin, the Peter and Paul fortress. They are located at that place, where Moscow and Petersburg is located geographically. A journey from Moscow to Saint Petersburg occupies about 10 minutes by train. There are thousands of people's figures and animals. All people and animals can move. People can do ordinary things. The police arrests criminals in Siberia, farmers mow the grass. Brave firemen fight against forest fires. Forty computers operate that "country". Cars and trains can move, but there aren't traffic jams on the roads. When the night comes, a lot of lights are lit.
I think, that Russian people are proud of our country. Numerous tourists from all over the world, who arrives in St- Petersburg, can see the tremendous territory of the Russian Federation, its natural resources and the enormous economic potential of the country. It's worth a look with your own eyes!

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