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Mushrooms in Ryazan have got eyes

Платонов Матвей 6 В класс
Гимназия 5 г Рязань (Гагарина 158)
учитель Бухтеева Елена Валентиновна

A mushroom with eyes is a sort of symbol of Ryazan region. There are two explanations of the fact. The first one is biological there is a special rare species - Pcilocybe Ryazanicus which can distinguish approaching objects. The cap of the mushroom changes its shape slightly when some creature comes nearer. This mushroom can grow in our forests as Ryazan region is very rich in all kinds of forests.
The second explanation is more interesting. It is connected with the history of our land. Ryazan princedom used to be situated between the territories occupied by enemy tribes and war conflicts occurred very often. To protect the people and the land from devastation Oleg Prince of Ryazan created a special armed force. The guards would sit in the trees along the main road and watch. Every person who lived along the road knew that it was forbidden to pick and even to touch the mushrooms growing by. If a mushroom is cut the guards knew that some stranger or even an enemy had passed the place. It was a sort of a signal from a mushroom to be ready to fight. So people began to say that Ryazan mushrooms watch the road. They have eyes.
Nowadays there are a lot of funny souvenirs that depict mushrooms with eyes from Ryazan.

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