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‘Peter and Fevronya from Murom’

Симкина Полина 8А класс Гимназия 5 г Рязань
Учитель Бухтеева Елена Валентиновна

Everybody knows an English holiday –St Valentine’s Day. It is the day of tenderness, devotion and love. But very few people know that there is a Russian equivalent of this holiday. Russians celebrate it on the 8of July. On this day we remember Saint Peter and Fevronya. In Russia they are known as ‘Peter and Fevronya from Murom’, but moreover they are closely connected with Ryazan, because Fevronya was born in the village Laskovo near my town. The story of their love is very unusual.
It began in Murom. Once Peter had to fight with a snake that had profaned his brother’s wife. He killed the snake, but he was sprinkled with its blood that covered him with lots of ulcers. He tried to cure them but nothing could help. So, he went to Ryazan, as there were a lot of healers in the town. As he couldn’t walk himself, he sent his approximates to find him a healer. One of them found a very clever woman, Fevronya, and asked her to cure Peter. She answered that she could do it, but after that Peter must marry her. He didn’t want it, because he was a prince and she was only a village citizen, but he agreed. Then she gave him an ointment and said that he must spread all his ulcers except one. He did it and became healthy, but he didn’t want to hold his promise and he went back to Murom. But there was one ulcer that hadn’t been cured and that is why more and more new ulcers began to appear. So, he had to go to Fevronya again. After all his ulcers had been cured, he married Fevronya.
So, it is the story of their marriage. Later they had to overcome a lot of problems, but they did it together. I think we mustn’t forget them and this holiday.

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