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The native land of Dobrynya Nikitich

My name is Nataliya Tishakova,
an English teacher, School Number 1.

In the Russian Federation there are more than twenty towns and countries, named Shilovo. We are from Shilovo, which is situated in Ryazan region on the bank of the Oka - River.
And we thihk not so many people know that just Ryazanskaya Land is the native land of Dobrynya Nikitich, the favourite character of Russian epos. His full name is Dobrynya Nikitich Ryazanich- Zlatoy Poses(Gold Belt). As bylinas say his father, a merchant or a prince, died when he was old as the hills. We can find the first reminiseence of Dobrynya Nikitich in the chronicales of the thirteenth century reading about the war between the princes (1215 year). He took part in Kalka’s battle where he and Alexandr Popovich were killed. There are two places in our region, which are connected with the name Dobrynya: Dobrynin island near Erakhtur village and a burial-mound not far from Shilovo. On the island Dobrynya Nikitich lived and kept his guards but he was buried in the burial-mound. Adam Oleary, a traveller and a scientist, used a taponym “Dobrynin island” in his works in the seventeenth century and in 1864 the newspaper “The Day” published the article, the legend about Dobrynya Nikitich.
We are proud of this fact that Dobrynya Nikitich Ryazanich- Zlatoy Poyas(Gold Belt) lived and was buried in our Shilovo. That is why we have decided to build a monument to Dobrynya Nikitich near Uspensky Khram on the bank of the Oka. We want Dobrynya to be the hero of not only Russian epic but our present and future.

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