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Music school named after the Great Russian composer – P.I. Tchaikovsk

Ефимова Елена Юрьевна
МАОУ гимназия №2 им. А. П. Чехова 10 Б класс

Hello! My name is Helen Efimova. I wish I were a poet to express my feelings about my native town. You can ask me what place I admire most of all. I adore many places in Taganrog, but there is only one, which is very dear to me. It is a music school named after the Great Russian composer–P.I. Tchaikovsky.
Why is that place so close to me? I’m keen on listening, performing, and creating music. I play the guitar and the piano. My brilliant teachers have given me profound knowledge about Russian and foreign composers, musicians. It was them, who have taught me to appreciate good music. At the sol-fa’s lessons I found out very interesting information about the founder of music education in Taganrog-Gaetano Molla. He was an Italian conductor, pianist, and opera director. After touring with the opera company to Russia in 1863, he settled in Taganrog. In 1887 he founded our music school.
This year my music school has celebrated its 125 anniversary. All the teachers and students have been preparing for this event for a long time. There were performed a numerous of concerts in which a lot of teachers, students and graduates participated. It was such an unforgettable and bright event in the life of citizens and as well as in mine.
Speaking about my school, I can’t help remembering all my teachers. My guitar teacher - Petrovskaya V.V. is a graduate of the school. She is such a good, tolerant teacher and very kind and lovely human as well.
Also I sing in the choir. We have participated in different competitions and won already a lot of awards. I haven’t made a choice about my future profession yet and don’t know whether I will be a musician, but it goes without saying that music school has been as the second home for me. For sure, music education will play a big role in my spiritual life.

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