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Orthodoxy Taganrog during the Great Patriotic War

Моисеева Арина и Макаренко Екатерина
учащиеся 9 «Б» класса МОБУ СОШ № 37
города Таганрога, Ростовская область

We live in a wonderful city, called Taganrog. It is the one of the oldest cities of our region. It has very rich history and culture. Here you can look around the ancient buildings, monuments of architecture.
Recently, our city was awarded by the title "City of Military Glory" and for good reason. For courage, steadfastness and heroism the president of Russia handed the «Charter of Military Glory» to the mayor of the city.
During the Great Patriotic War Taganrog was under the occupation nearly for two years. But our people had been able to win that fight. Large contribution to the fight against the German forces was made by the Russian Orthodox Church. A lot of parishes were opened there during the war. The church fulfilled patriotic activities, which strengthen people’s beliefs and support them at the front and rear. In Taganrog, the German authorities tried to persuade the church to stand for them. However, they played the wrong card, and the church became the place where citizens could unify on the occupied territory. Unfortunately, the occupation irreparably damaged cultural heritage of the city and destroyed many churches. But citizens went to the temple to pray for the family, fighting at the front or working in the rear. The Church of Taganrog even in those conditions helped the front. The results of the patriotic activities of the Church were materially felt. A lot of money was raised to help the Red Army. Besides, the faith in God gave people hope for salvation and protection.
Orthodoxy helped people to find the peace of mind, keep the hope that Taganrog will survive in the war. Great people would gain great victory. The main point was not to lose faith in God and carry it through the tough years of fire.

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