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Shakhty’s Olympic Phenomenon

Клюхина Елена Васильевна – учитель английского языка
первой квалификационной категории
ГБОУ РО кадетская школа-интернат
«Шахтинский Я.П. Бакланова казачий кадетский корпус»,
город Шахты Ростовской области

Shakhty has been my hometown for nearly 17 years. It is the land of rich and glorious history, generous nature but the phenomenon, which is worth noting, is unprecedented. Small town of coal miners and descendants of Don's Cossacks in the South of Russia produced more Olympic and world champions than much bigger and better established cities in world geography. Shakhty has earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records for being the only town in the world that has the highest number of Olympic medalists per head of its population. Since 1964 the sportsmen from Shakhty have been participating in all the Olympic Games. This is the native town for such famous Olympic weightlifting champions as V. Alexeyev - “The World’s Strongest Man”, D. Rigert, A. Vakhonin, R. Plukfelder, G. Bessonov, N. Koleshikov, V. Tregubov. Hundreds of Olympic champs wannabe's simply dreamed about being accepted by the gurus of Olympic weightlifting in training gyms of Shakhty. Outstanding sports personalities such as M. Logvinenko, the Olympic champion in shooting, L. Kondratyeva, the Olympic 100 m champion, the high jump Olympic gold medalist A. Silnov and many others have truly placed Shakhty on the world stage. They all came from this place and they all amazed the world with Olympic and world titles and records.

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