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Welcome to the Вay in Cheboksary

Иванова Евгения,5 «В» класс,
МБОУ «СОШ №60» г. Чебоксары Чувашской Республики.
Учитель – Васина Валентина Ивановна

Every day hundreds of citizens and tourists come to the Bay in Cheboksary. Would you like to know, why? I live in Cheboksary, the capital of the Chuvash Republic. There are a lot of places of interest in our city. Most of them are situated in the old part of the city, near the Volga River. One of the most attractive places of Cheboksary is called “ zaliv” or Cheboksarsky Bay. It is in the very heart of the city with spurting waterworks, magnificent night illumination and fine bridges joining all the seven hills.
During the construction of the Novo-Cheboksarskaya Hydroelectric Power station some parts of the old city were flooded and the gulf appeared. Small rivers the Sugutka and the Cheboksarka flow into the gulf.
A lot of citizens come to walk about the bay, to watch the floating swans, to visit cafes, to go boating, to have a rest on catamarans. Jets of fountains splash cheerfully in different sides. This part of the city is protected by the monument to the Mother-patroness of Chuvash people. Some more places of interest are in this area, for example: Red Square, the Singing Field, Vvedensky Cathedral, the Chuvash National Museum, the Art Museum, the Park of Victory, some theatres, some very old churches.
Guests and citizens visit this part of the city with great pleasure. They have a perfect opportunity to socialize and to have a good time. And if you see this bay, you will fall in love with it forever! Come to Cheboksary to see this amazing tourist attraction.

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