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My little motherland

Потупа Елена, 5 класс
МБОУ Чертковская СОШ № 2
п. Чертково Ростовской области
Учитель английского языка
Рыбинцова Татьяна Николаевна

My little motherland is Chertcovo. It is not a very big settlement with more than 10.000 people on the border of Russia and the Ukraine. Our settlement is rather young, it is about 140 years old. But the history of its foundation is interesting for students of local history. The exact date of foundation is unknown. The history of the settlement started with the building of Voronezh-Rostov railway on the border of Don Army and Kharkov province. The station of the second class was opened here on the 14th of August 1869. It was named after the Army ataman Mikhail Ivanovich Chertcov. He was the first to speak about the importance of the building of the railway between Voronezh and Rostov. The 14th of August 1869 is the date of foundation of our settlement. Though it consisted then only of the building of the station, the water tower and some barracks for workers. The documents first mention our settlement in 1873.
Chertcovo has this name also because the territory under the railroad belonged to the representatives of noble family the Chertcovs. They presented this land for the road.
Now it is a beautiful green settlement with interesting people and tradition. We can learn about our history in the local museum.

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