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Azov Museum - reserve

Darya Legkaya
Azov Institute of Technology(branch DSTU)

My name is Darya. I am a first-year student of the Azov Institute of Technology. I live in Azov. It is one of the oldest cities in Russia. The first mentioning of Azov in 1067 is found in one of the chronicles.
As the history of Azov is rich, there are some unique places of interest in the city. The most popular are the Azov Museum-reserve and the Powder Magazine (the oldest building of Azov, a monument of military-engineering art of the XVIII century).
Some worlds about the Museum-reserve. Its building was erected in 1892 for the Town Hall by the Azov merchants. The architect is Gausenbaum. In 1976 a beautiful mansion in Moscovskaya Street began to house the Museum-reserve founded in 1961.
The museum has an extensive archaeological collection (over 280 thousand units storage) of primitive man. His instrument of labor and various tools about the life of ancient peoples. The museum has a rich collection of Sarmatian gold. Rare items found in the mounds are gold and silver utensils, weapons and gold ornaments.
But the most popular exhibits of the museum are the skeletons of two fossilispolinovdinoteriya whose age is 5 million years, and trigonterii mammoth (600 thousand years), the only in Russia. Museum's collection was exhibited in France, Switzerland, Japan, Scotland.
All the visitors of the Museum cannot admire the history of our town so ancient and young.

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