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Azov, Rostov-on-Don region, Trogontherii Mammoth

Maxim Kulkov
Azov Institute of Technology (branch of DSTU)

My name is Maxim. I live in the Semibalki village situated on the Sea of Azov shore, near the ancient town with the same name- Azov. Now I study in Azov and a lot of my time I spend visiting its places of interest.
There are a great deal of pieces of history in the local Museum-reserve. But, in my opinion, the most unique and interesting is the Skeleton of the Trogontherii Elephant (mammoth). It is the only one of its kind in Russia, and the second in the world. This elephant lived here about 500 or 600 thousand years ago.
On December, 11, 1964 in Kagalnitsky sandy open-cast mine near Azov at height more then eight meters from a bottom in a cut of an open-cast mine the machinist of a dredge has seen the rests of tusks and he has informed a museum about his find. The director of a museum has directed to Zoological Institute of Academy of Sciences with the letter in which has informed on a find and asked V. E. Garutta, the known paleontologist-restorer in the scientific world, to ssist. Till 1980 all restored bones of a skeleton have transported in a museum. In September they has sent the letter in Zoological institute with the request to incur a management on skeleton mount. Joint efforts of workers, experts and museum employees had been carried out skeleton installation Trogontherii elephant who became at once expositions “Priazovye in the geological past”.
Few museums in the world can boast of such exhibits as one can see in Azov. If you will be lucky to visit ancient Azov, I advise you to look at this unique example of the mammoth in the Museum-reserve.

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