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Don State Technical University

Gorbenko Vadim
The Azov Institute of Technology (branch of DSTU)

My name is Vadim Gorbenko. This year I have entered the Azov Institute of Technology (branch of DSTU). Now I am a first-year student of ATI DSTU. I want to tell some words about my educational institution.
The history of DSTU is closely connected with the history of machine-building formation and development in the South of Russia. The DSTU history began in May, 14th, 1930, when the North-Caucasian Institute of Agricultural Engineering (the first name of the University) was established. In October, 1947, the construction of the new building complex began in the suburbs of Rostov-on-Don, near the Andreyevskaya grove. Today it is the city centre. The main building of the Institute built by the architect I.G. Bugrov is one of the city's decorations and an architectural monument of republican significance.
In 1973 the Institute was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner for the development of higher education and the connection with the fiftieth anniversary. And in 1992 the Institute was recognized into Don State Technical University. Nowadays DSTU is the universal higher technical educational institution having its brunches in Azov, Taganrog, Volgodonsk.
Don State Technical University holds a specific place in the educational park of the southern region. About 22,000 students get education at 16 faculties, majoring in over 100 fields (specialities) of the higher vocational education, including 16 Master's programs, 23 specialities of the secondary vocational education. Such a unique spectrum of the professional offers can be notably found in no other higher educational institution of the region.
I am very proud to be one of the students of DSTU because of its rich traditions and remarkable atmosphere of friendship.

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