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The Golden Horse Legend

Yuriy Kalmikov
Azov Institute of Technology

My name is Yuriy. I live in Azov, Rostov-on-Don region. Founded more that 900 years ago, 7km from the mouth of the river Don on the Azov Sea, at different times this town was under the Scythians, Hazards, Greeks and Turks. Also Azov was one of the centers of the Golden Horde.
As the history of Azov is long, interesting, rich with events and complicated there are a lot of legends concerning the past. The famous one is a very old legend about a Golden Horse.
They say that among the Genghis Khan”s treasures there was a horse made from gold. When Khan”s camp was situated on the banks of the Don river not far from Azov, the golden horse was stolen by Cossacks suddenly attacked the camp. Almost all of the Cossacks participated in raid were killed but the golden horse disappeared.
The legend of the golden horse is confirmed by a number of historical facts. And the most impressive is the Treasures of Eurasian Nomads collection consisting of more than 20000 rare artifacts from the 3rd millennium BC to 14 century AD which is displayed in the Azov Museum-reserve. The finds from the Sarmatian secret place dated the 1st c.AD discovered near Azov in 1986 are the valuables of world significance.
Luxurious jewelry made by Greek and Oriental workman, parade sword, horse harness details are unique. There are no analogies. The sacrificatory horse-cloth having 15,000 golden plates on it has been restored for the first time.
So may be this luxurious horse-cloth belong to the legendary golden horse?

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