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Ускова Ольга Сергеевна. Ученица 9 класса
МБОУ Ново-Золотовская СОШ станица Новозолотовская
Семикаракорского района Ростовской области

My hometown is Semikarakorsk. It’s in situated in the south-east of Rostov region. It’s the smallest town with a population of more than 23.000 people. Semikarakorsk is 129 km of Rostov. It was founded in 1672. It has an area of 1400 sq.km.
We are proud of our factory called “Aksinya”. It produces ceramic things for home: vases, cups, plates and souvenirs. The goods of our factory are well-known in whole world. There is an art gallery and a musical school. There are also 3 secondary schools. Young people go to the clubs, cafes and cinemas during their free time.
In the centre of the town there is a park and a market. You can always see many people there. The citizens and tourists of our town can have a rest in a beautiful restaurant “Kazachia pristan” on the bank of the river Don. In my town there are a few of monuments to famous people such as Kulikov, Zakrutkin – our local writers. Semikarakorsk is an industrial centre. There are several plants producing chicken meat, meat products: sausage, ham and milk products: cheese, kefir. We have got a town beach. It’s a picturesque place with lots of children in summer. We call it “Children’s beach”. According to local legend, our town was named in honor of seven brothers Karakorskie, or in honor of the Cossack Ataman Semyon Karakorov. But scientific version is connected with the translation of the name of the town “strong black fortress.” I like my hometown. It is a great city. It is always clean. The people are friendly and welcoming.

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