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Attractions of Yaroslavl

Семикова Юлия Андреевна
МОУ СОШ №21 г. Ярославля
Я учусь в 11 классе, мне 17 лет,
английский язык учу со 2 класса,
учитель – Сутугина Елена Александровна

I want to tell about attractions of my favourite city of Yaroslavl. A monument to Yaroslav the Wise was opened on October 23, 1993. It was erected to the memory of the founder of the city. A monument to the millennium of Yaroslavl is the stella in height more than 20 meters on a pedestal. Around it there are sculptures of the historical characters personifying history of the old Russian city.
The church of Ilya the Prophet was built in 1647-1650 and since then has com-pletely kept its furniture. Church of Peter and Paul was constructed in 1736-1742. It is a copy of the church of Peter and Paul in St. Petersburg. It is located in Petropavlovsk park. Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery was founded in 1216 by prince Konstantin Vsevolodovich. In 1550-1580 stone walls and towers were put up around it. Now the Yaroslavl state historical, architectural and art memorial estate is located here. Uspensky cathedral was constructed in 1219. The new cathedral was under construction in 2004-2010.
Volkov theatre is the first Russian theatre. The merchant’s son Feodor Grigoryevich Volkov founded this public theater in 1750. In 1818 it was recon-structed. The building was put on the stone base, but wooden. In 1964 it was thoroughly reconstructed and expanded. Volga's embankment is one of the most romantic places in Yaroslavl. Strelka is a head at the confluence of the river of Kotorosl and the Volga River. According to the legend, Strelka is the place where Yaroslavl was founded, and now it is a very popular place of leisure. Full-scale reconstruction of the Volga’s Embankment and Strelka was carried out before the celebration of the millennium of Yaroslavl.

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