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The Town of Miracles

Гамалия Андрей Вячеславович,
ученик МОБУ СОШ 21, 11 «Б» класс

Я, Гамалия Андрей Вячеславович, ученик МОБУ СОШ 21, 11 «Б» класса, хотел бы принять участие в вашем конкурсе «Наша страна — наше наследие», так как мы должны стремиться, как можно больше узнать о городе в котором живем. Увлекаюсь экономикой, занял 3 место в олимпиаде Абитуриент 2012 (РИНХ), начал активно заниматься английским языком, осознав, что он просто необходим в дальнейшей жизни.

Taganrog is our native town closely connected with the best moments of our life, reminiscences of childhood. It isn't only a town, it's our dearest micro Motherland. And this Motherland is rich in miracles: Alferaki Palace, Chekhov's House, Chekhov Gymnasium and Theatre. But we often forget about the main miracle – our saint, Pavel of Taganrog. His chapel is in the Old Cemetery. Thousands of people flow there every year for spiritual support, a piece of advice and healing. They also visit his cell to lie on a bench which he used instead of bed and to ask for help. And I know for sure that he helps everyone.
Few people know that during the World II War Taganrog was occupied by German fascists but continued to struggle. There was a clandestine organization led by Morozov. By the way, one of our main streets was named in his honour. Our citizens were heroically fighting against fascist invaders. They took part in diversions and anti-fascist activities. Thousands of people were executed by shooting at Petrushinskaya beam where our citizens are still coming to honour their memory. That's why the president of Russia has recently awarded our town to the status of Military Glory.
If I were a guide,first of all, I would show tourists the places of Military Glory, monuments and tombstones connected with those heroic times. Almost every citizen of Taganrog can be proud of his ancestors having taken part in those events.

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