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The village Maloye Churashevo

Крикова Людмила Петровна
БОУ Чувашской Республики СПО «ЧМТТ» Минобразования Чувашии
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There should always be a place on Earth where you feel at home. I’d like to tell you about one of such places dear to my heart. This is the Vladimirskaya Church dedicated to the icon the Vladimir Mother of God located in the village Maloye Churashevo in Jadrin district of the Chuvash Republic.
The church was built in 1793 as a wooden one, then in1830 the stone church was built and we can still enjoy its ancient beauty. There was a horrible period in the history of Russia when the atheistic Soviet Rulers persecuted all the believers. A lot of priests, monks and ordinary believers were arrested, exiled and killed, the churches and monasteries were closed and profaned. The Vladimirskaya Church in Maloye Churashevo was closed in 1941 but in 1944 the services started again. Since then the prayer for the Motherland and the people has never stopped in this place.
At that time those who were prosecuted for their faith became new martyrs of Russian Orthodox Church. One of them is priest Nickolay Troitsky who served in Maloye Churashevo in 1933-1937. On the 29th of November 1937 he was arrested and sent into exile to Alatyr prison and in 1941to BAMLAG where he died on the 10th of March 1945. It has already been the third year that a special service is held in his honour in the church of Maloye Churashevo on the 10th of March.
The Vladimirskaya Church in Maloye Churashevo is the farmstead (podvorye) of the Cheboksary Holy Trinity Monastery. There you can see the revered icon of Vladimir Mother of God. That is a holy place where you can particularly feel Her help and protection.

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