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The Mysterious Legends of the Komi Land

Бережная Алина и Мифтахова Ксения,
обучающиеся 10 класса МБОУ «Гимназия №2»
города Инта Республики Коми

…Long long ago in a far snowy land there lived a tribe of people. Men went hunting and fishing,women were taking care of children and keeping the tribe fire. The Fire was the main treasure of the people. It gave them warmth and meals, protected them from wild beasts and united them into one big family.
Every night one of the tribe women was to watch the Fire and keep it burn .The Fire could not go down and off. One night a young girl named Inta was on duty of keeping the Fire. She was sitting by the fire and from time to time threw dry branches into it. The night was so dark and the Fire was so bright that the girl could not take her eyes off the flame. Inta was looking at it and dreaming…
Inta awakened from her dream when she felt cold on her skin. The Fire could be hardly seen, it was dying. No branches were left, no wood was to hand to make the Fire live. The people were to die. The girl burst into the Fire to save her people. She sacrificed her life to let them survive. …Since then the place has been called Inta. So has the river. Much later a town was built on the banks of the river. Its name is Inta.

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