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Аль-Згуль Самир Хусейнович
МОУ гимназия №52 г. Ростова-на-Дону
Макаренко Лариса Анатольевана –
учитель английского языка

The city was founded in 1749 on the right hilly bank of the river Don, in 65 kilometers from its emptying in Azov sea. First, there were only the custom house, but then in 1760 to protect southern borders began the building of the fortress, which got a name of Rostov and Yaroslav metropolitan-Dmitri. Later the name was transforming: Dmitri Rosrovski’s fortress, Rostov fortress, just Rostov, and finally it was called Rostov-on-Don in order to distinguish it from ancient city Rostov the Great that is situated under Yaroslavl. Due to its good geographical position on the crossroads of the land and water roads, the development of Rostov economics grew rapidly. The commercial port that was organized near its walls accepted Russian, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Persian and Armenian trades people.
When the city was hundred years old, 15 thousand people lived there, and when the XX century came it has counted about 110 thousand people. Base of the Rostov economics was trade, it was called merchant’s city, but by the beginning of the XX century Rostov had more than 100 establishments including such large as Major Workshops of the Vladicaucasus Railroad, plant “Aksai”, shipbuilding and two tobacco factories. It is important that every third factory belonged to the foreign capital.
Rostov-on-Don is one of the largest cities of Russian Federation with population over one million people. Area of the city is 354 sq. km., the distance from Moscow - 1226 km. It is political, economical and cultural center of the southern region of Russia.
There are international airport in Rostov. The city is provided with the connection with other cities and settlements of the country, and also with many countries: Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, England, Bulgaria, Spain and Syria. About 500 flights a year are made on international lines. Every year about 19,7 thousands of tons are transported by air.

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