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Stanitsa Veshenskaya

Student Kate Lauhtina, Form 10
School Az Buki Vedi
Teacher Marina Alekseevna Pleshakova

M. A. Sholohov's state memorial estate is the unique monument of culture. The museum is located in the northern part of the Rostov region. In this estate everything, connected with the life and creativity of Sholokhov, has been remained. The memorial estate includes four memorial houses where the writer lived and worked in different years of his life.
M/Sholokhov was born and spent the first 5 years of his life in the steading Kruzhilin. His father bought the house in 1898 and lived here till 1910 as the family moved to Kargin. A small family shop, a family banya, stables and a barn for storing grain are still preserved here. In 1910 the family moved to steading Karginskiy. The house presents the furniture which surrounded the writer. There is a vocational school in Karginskiy where M/Sholokhov studied. The 3-place desk, at which young Mikhail sat at school, is exhibited in the memorial classroom of the museum. The central object of the State memorial estate of M.A.Sholokhov is the memorial complex Sholokhov's House-manor. Here Sholokhov wrote his famous literary works. The study of the writer is very interesting as every thing here reminds us about Mikhail Alexandrovich. Literary exposition "M.A.Sholokhov. Life and creativity" is placed in the building of the former grammar school. There Sholokhov studied. Manuscripts, photos, letters and different documents are presented at the exhibition.
Since 1985 an annual International Literary Folklore festival is held in Veshenskaya. It is called “Sholokhov’s Spring”. Thousands of people from Russia and abroad come every year here. You can see the performances by Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian creative groups.

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