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Syumsinsky district

Раевских Кристина, ученица 11 б класса
Сюмсинской СОШ.

Russia is a large country. It stretches almost 10 thousands kilometres from east to west and nearly 5 thousand kilometres from north to south. Besides, Russia has 157 895 settlements and a lot of beautiful places.
One of such places is my native land. It is Syumsinsky district. There are very much wonderful landscapes, historical buildings and monuments. Historical buildings are houses of merchants and gentlefolk. For example, our shop “Dezhurniy” and the police settle down in houses which belonged to merchant Tsivilitsin. Besides through the village Syumsi passed the Siberian path. In 1790 on the Siberian path known writer Radishchev was carried on the ten years' reference in Ilimsk. The monument was put in memory of it. We have also other monuments. For example, monument to heroes of Syumsi, who were lost in Great Patriotic War, was put in centre of the village. First there was monument to people, who died in days of revolution, but then it was demolished.
The nature is wonderful at all times of year as in the summer as in the winter and as in the spring as in the autumn. Trees stand as gold in the autumn and covered with silver in the winter. In the summer and in the spring green trees refresh. Besides, nature always inspires poets. Russia has a lot of different places. They are as big cities and towns as countries and villages. But I like my native land, the native nature, buildings of my district most of all.

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