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I love you, my Abakan!

Автор: Чернецов Иван Викторович,
ученик 8 класса «А»,
член Клуба международной дружбы.
Руководитель: Яценко Ирина Анатольевна,
учитель английского языка

Чернецов Иван с ветераном Великой Отечественной войны, Зайцевым Олегом Абрамовичем

Меня зовут Чернецов Иван Викторович (по фамилии мамы-Матросов). Мне 14 лет. Я родился и живу в городе Абакане – столице Республики Хакасия, в Сибирском Федеральном округе.
Я, в первую очередь, представляю свою семью, в которой уже 6 поколений учителей. Основателем нашей семейной династии стал Матросов Алексей Зиновеевич, который работал сельским учителем в Татарии. А его сын, Анатолий Алексеевич Матросов, мой прапрадед, по направлению Совнаркома был направлен в 1922 году ликвидировать безграмотность в Сибирь в Красноярский край. Сегодня в нашей семье 4 педагога. Я, правда, с профессией пока еще не определился. Но меня интересует биология, экология, компьютерные технологии, где я пользуюсь и английским языком.
Когда я был младше, то вместе с мамой любил сочинять стихи. Вот одни из них, посвященные моему родному городу Абакану:

Абакан-любимый город!
Сколько лет я здесь живу!
Здесь фонтаны, парки, скверы
Всей душой я их люблю!
Здесь живет народов много,
Меж собой они дружны.
Сохранить родной наш город
Вместе с вами мы должны!
Хорошей же год от года
Мой любимый Абакан.
В ясный день и в непогоду
Как живой родник нам дан!

Abakan is my native town. It is not only the place where I was born, it is the town where one wants to live. It is because Abakan is one of the greenest and the most beautiful towns. Abakan is the capital of the republic of Khakassia, where there are such attractions as menhirs, Salbyk mound, Sulekskaya and Bayarskaya Pisanitsa, open-air museum "Kazanovka",famous resort "Lake Shira", Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower station. The name of our town in the Khakass language means “bear bleeding”. According to one of the legends, a bear killed by a khakass hunter turned into a mountain, and his blood formed the river Abakan, on the bank which was founded the town of Abakan. Abakan is not so large, there are about 170 000 inhabitants, but it is full of interesting places. Here you can walk along shadowy alleys, come into a cozy café, buy your favourite book, fresh flowers.
At the Lermontov Drama theatre there is a square where you can admire ice sculptures in winter and a wonderful fountain in summer. Near the theatre there is also a building of local Administration.
In our town you can see a lot of parks, squares, fountains. When it is warm people like to walk along the so-called local “Broadway”-Lenin Street on both sides of which there are green trees and flower beds with fragrant flowers. Our town is famous for its topiarny park ‘Dream gardens’. Here you can see a small copy of the Eiffel Tower, have a rest in a comfortable arbor, try the pancakes in the local café, teeter and feed birds. In the evening the park shines with the lights of ornamental trees. Nearby there is a Preobrazhensky park – one more place of interest in our town. There is an artificial pond with a waterfall in this park and small green alleys on the background of the Dome of the Preobrazhensky Cathedral. In the centre of the Park one can see the sculpture of Murom saints Peter and Fevronia – the symbol of Family, Love and Faith. On the eighth of July - the day of their memory a lot of newly married couples come to this monument to swear to love.
The mayor of Abakan Nikolay Bulakin takes care of its prosperity and the improving the welfare of its residents. Our town becomes better every day. In Abakan there are many schools, institutions of higher education where you can learn to be a journalist, physician and psychologist. For pre-school and school children exists Children's Art Centre in our town where every child can find occupation for himself: painting, modeling, dance, computer science, foreign languages. Even foreign tourists like to come to our town to enjoy the beauties of local nature: steppes, the Sayan mountains, ancient sculptures, caves, alpine meadows and taiga.
People in Abakan are very friendly and hospitable. The birthday of our town is a national holiday. Last year it celebrated its 80th anniversary. I wish my native town long life, prosperity, grateful residents, who like me, will appreciate and respect its beauty and love their hometown.

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