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Магадан, микрорайон Сокол

Руководитель Шумик Татьяна Адольфовна – педагог дополнительного образования, руководитель творческого объединения «Веселый английский» работает в МКОУДОД «Социально - педагогический центр» микрорайона Сокол города Магадана
Учащиеся творческого объединения «Веселый английский»
Макарова Елизавета , Коновалов Константин,
Сторч Владислав, Браженко Герман и Яроцкий Сергей.

We are children of the English study group. We learn English and traditions of the USA, England, Canada, Australia. Our English circle is in the Social Centre in Sokol. It is situated to the North East of Russia. Long ago evens and chukchi lived and hunted here. Our settlement Cokol is near Magadan. It was founded for aviators fifty years ago. There is an airport near Sokol. That is why it has such placename. It is called as a gate of Kolima. Kolima is another name of Magadan region. Here we get know with different types of the planes. Our parents work in the airport. Sokol is surrounded by thick forest and hills. One of the hills was named after people who donated money to get victory over fascists. Its name is the Hill of Tankist. There are a lot of animals in the wood. They are polar foxes, bears, squirrels, chipmunks, deer and many others. Sometimes bears walk nearby the houses. We can feed them, but we are afraid of them. We know they are wild and dangerous. The squirrels walk and live near our houses too. We feed them with great pleasure. There is a river near Sokol. We go to fish. There is a very strange fish kolushka. It is very venomous. It is forbidden to eat. We have a very short summer (from June till August). Do you want to know difference between summer and winter? There is a good joke among people living here. In winter we wear our shorts coats buttoned up. But in summer we do not button our short coats up. We go to the forest and gather berries and mushrooms. We pick the sweetest berry kniazhnika. Our mums make james, wich we eat in winter. Many kitchen gardens are near Sokol. In autumn we have rich harvest of potatoes, tomatos, cucumbers and cabbage.
We have a lot of traditional holidays in our settlement. They are Aviation Day, the settlement day, New Year’s Day, Maslenitsa and the Holiday of the white nights. These holidays let us gather together and visit different exhibitions. We have a chance to see creative works, they are made of natural materials. And in autumn we visit exhibitions of vegetables grown in our dachas. Coming back home we eat such food with great pleasure. When we have white nights we are out for a long time because the sun is very high in the sky. There is a sport centre with a swimming pool. A lot of different competitions are held at this centre and great number of people (kids) take part in them. Everybody can choose any sports. We like skiing, skating, football, hockey, free stylewrestling and judo.
We like our homeland. We are sure that our place is good for tourism. We invite you to visit Kolima.

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