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Фазлыева Гульшат,
Ученица 8А класса МБОУ СОШ №1,село Верхние Татышлы
Учитель Вахитова Резеда Анасовна

My name is Gul’shat Fazlyeva.I study in the 8 form «A» school №1.I was born in Tatyshly.And I want to tell you about this beautiful country.Tatyshly is the wonderful country of the Republic of Bashkortostan.Tatyshly is situated in eastern Europe near its land boundary with Asia,at the confluence of the Tanyp and the Ari rivers. Tatyshlinsky district is located in the northeastern part of Bashkortostan, on the border of the Perm region. It was formed in 1935. The area is 1,376 km. The regional center - the village of Verkhnie Tatyshly, located in 209 km from Ufa. The population of 26.8 thousand people. The average population density is 19 people. 1 km. In the area of 78 villages. Dominated by Tatar, Udmurt, Russian, Mari. The climate is continental, rather humid. On the eastern edge of the area is the river with a rapid influx of Tanyp South, in north-west - the river Ari. In the light-gray forest soils dominated by broadleaved-coniferous forests, which occupy 51.6 thousand ha (37% of the territory). Minerals are the oil fields, brick clay, sand. Territory of the region crosses the highway Churaevo-Starobaltachevo-Kueda. In the region of 53 schools, including 16 secondary, 26 public libraries, 51 clubs, central district, and two rural district hospitals. Newspapers are published in the Tatar and Udmurt languages. The nature of my country rich and beautiful. There are many trees and the animals in the forest.
There is a library, the theatre, two schools, banks, school of art, sport school cinema in Tatyshly. Nowadays, our country is changing every day. There appeared many new houses.
To my mind, Tatyshly is very wonderful country. I love it!

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