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The Museum of G.Tukay in Noviy Kurlay, Arsky district, Tatarstan

Бадриева Рузиля 7 класс
Хасанова Надира 7 класс
Учитель Зарипова Гульназ Мухаматовна
МОУ «Старочурилинская СОШ»
Арского муниципального района Республики Татарстан

Last year we visited famous Museum of Gabdulla Tukay. The name of Tukay means a whole epoch in the intellectual development of the Tatar people, its literature, art and the whole culture making. Tukay’s works have been published many times since the day of his death. Tukay lives either on the theatre stage, or in the historic novels.
We would like to tell you about Gabdulla Tukay’s Museum. Gabdulla Tukay (1886-1913) was a great Tatar poet. G.Tukay Museum is located in Noviy Kurlay, Arsky district, Tatarstan since 1960s. At the very beginning there worked only volunteers and it was a part of the Secondary school named after Gabdulla Tukay. In 1976 the Museum became a state institution and in 1979 it was opened in a separate building. Baki Urmanche, an Honoured Art Worker of RSFSR, was the architecture of it. The Museum is located on the bank of the Iya river in the public green place with the total area of three hectares. The Museum pieces are kept in six parts and in the territory of a peasant Sagdy’s homestead. One part of the Museum is devoted to the village history and contemporaries of the poet, his fellow-villagers.Archival materials that represent the work of the poet are the base of the exposition. The main building of the Museum is two-storeyed, made of pine. Sagdy’s homestead represents a homestead of Tatar peasant of the end of XIXth – beginning of the XXth centuries.

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