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My native land – Arsk district

Гузаирова Алиса Мударисовна, ученица 8 класса
МБОУ «Хасаншаихская оош»
Арского муниципального района Республики Татарстан
Руководитель: Гайнутдинова Зиля Камиловна

Arsk is one of the biggest districts of Tatarstan Republic. The district, with the territory of 1843 sq.km and population of 51000 people, is situated on the bank of the river Kazanka. It is 65 km. from the capital of our republic, Kazan and has a railroad connection with her. There are 29 rural and 1 town council of local government, 129 settlements; 39 agricultural formation occupy 124 thousand hectare of arable land. Unfortunately, the date when the town of Arsk was founded is unknown to us. Many scientists write that it was founded in the XIII century. Translating fron Tatar language, the word “Arsk” means “silver fir”. It’s interesting to note that the word “Arsk” is mentioned in Russian chronicles even in 1497.
The Arsk District is a land of a wonderful nature, small villages, willows and birches, which are greeting travelers by soft rustling of foliage, ripple of the river Kazanka. It’s not surprising that this very district is the motherland of a great Tatar poet Gabdullah Tukay, who is the founder of Tatar literary language. Gabdullah Tukay was born in a small village Koshlauch. In this museum you can see a lot of interesting and historical exhibits. Among other museums the most popular are Arsk museum of Literature and Arts, museum of local lore, history and economy at the educational institutions. People keep and protect their heritage of the past.
People of Arsk do their best to make their common home more beautiful and rich. There are 18 enterprises of light industry, 11 repair and construction organizations. In 1978 at the Liepzig Fair the Arsk JSC “National footwear” was awarded the Gold Medal. It’s the only enterprise in the world that produces footwear with traditional ornaments.
Special attention is being paid to education of young generation. There are 42 high and secondary schools, 64 primary schools, 61 pre-school institutions. After school young people can study in Arsk Pedogogical College, Agrotechnical Lyceym, Specialized Secondary School No.120, Arsk brunch of Cooperative Technical Secondary School, Arsk social-juridical College.
We, people living in Arsk, love our homeland and are proud of it.

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