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Kazan is the sport capital of Russia

Рачинина Елена Анатольевна
Казанское суворовское военное училище
Преподаватель английского языка

The Universiade 2013 will be held in Kazan. The capital of Tatarstan is trying its best to organize a world-class sports competition. The primary mission of the Olympic Games and the Kazan Universiade as well is the reuniting people and gathering athletes from all over the world. Kazan, a city of unique multiethnic heritage, is great for hosting such kind of sports contest as it is a symbol of tolerance because two great religions and cultures, Muslim Tatars and Orthodox Russians, live in a friendly and peaceful way for centuries. Moreover, Kazan is spoken about as the sport capital of Russia, as it is famous for sports team, world and national champions, as, for example, Rubin Football Club, two-times Champion of Russia; Ak Bars Ice Hockey Club, Gagarin Cup holder, Continental Cup Holder, Champion of Europe; Kamaz-Master Team, nine-times winner of Dakar Rally; Zenit-Kazan Volleyball Club, Champion of Russia, Russian Cup Holder, Champions League winner and many others.
Due to the Universiade a lot of sporting venues are constructed in Kazan that contributes to the physical education of young people and promotes healthy lifestyle. For the 2013 Summer Student Games more than 35 venues will be built and half of that sport facilities will be handed over to Kazan’s universities in order to create a background for development of universities sports. As a result, due to a highly developed sport infrastructure sport and physical trainings have already become a lifestyle for Kazan dwellers that leads to the improvement of their health and to the rise of the standard of living what is extremely important for the future of our republic. Moreover, newly built sport objects give a lot of possibilities for children to do any kind of sport they like and lead a healthy way of life. Successful performance of Tatarstan athletes sets a perfect example and attracts children inspired by their victories to sign up to the sport schools.
The Universiade 2013 makes the life of Kazan citizens more interesting and convenient and I am happy to be the part of the future of that great event.

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