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Moscow is in my heart

Колокольцев Андрей Евгеньевич
г. Москва, ГБОУ СОШ №1373
Ученик 3 «В» класса.
Учитель: Корабельникова Елена Васильевна

My city Moscow is the capital of our country. It‘s the biggest and the most beautiful city of Russia. There are many historic monuments in Moscow. Red Square is my favorite place in Moscow.
Now let’s talk about New Year. It’s the biggest and the happiest holiday every year. Its celebration is at the night of the 31st of December. Moscow becomes brightly decorated some weeks before New Year. There are New Year trees in many places and trees are decorated with beautiful toys: bright glass balls, stars, figures of birds and animals, sweets and lights.
The biggest and the most beautiful New Year tree is on Red Square. I saw very big New Year trees near the Bolshoy Theatre, on the Poklonnaya Gora, in many other places. But most of all I liked New Year tree near the Kremlin on Red Square. It was very tall, near the sky and there were the most beautiful toys on the New Year tree.
Many people from different cities and countries come to Red Square at the New Year night. People wait for the Kremlin tower clock’s chimes. Then everybody says each other «Happy New Year» and wishes happiness and health. They skate, fire Bengal lights, fire fireworks and shout «HURRAY»! I am delighted that it is very beautiful here and I’m happy.
There is a place for skating in winter on Red Square. TV shows our president and the Red Square clocks at New Year. There is the Kremlin on one side, GUM (Trading House GUM) on the second side, Pokrovsky Cathedral on the third side and The State History Museum on the forth side of Red Square. I want to say some words about the monument to Minin and Pozharsky. It’s a very beautiful and impressive monument to the heroes-liberators of Moscow.
I love my native city Moscow. My city is the most beautiful in the world!

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