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Парамонова Екатерина Александровна 7 класс
Учитель – Глазырина Елена Васильевна
МБОУ Калининская СОШ
хутор Калининский
Шолоховский район
Ростовская область

The Don, the Don Land, the Don Cossacks...
When you pronounce these words you clearly imagine vast feather – grass steppes, the father Don and the outstanding writer – M.A.Sholokhov.In every corner of our region you can hear wonderful old Cossack songs and I like this extract from one song:

Ой ты,батюшка, наш славный Тихий Дон.
Ты кормилец наш, Дон Иванович!
Про тебя лежит слава добрая,
Слава добрая, речь хорошая.

I live in Kalininskiy.It is a famous place, because the film “An Quiet Flows the Don” was based on the outstanding novel by M. Sholokhov.It is a wonderful screen version. I saw it twice and every time I admired the brilliant acting of the coast. The main film is actors are Helen Bystritskaya and Peter Glebov. The shooting on location helped the actors to feel the spirit of Cossacks, the beauty of the Don Land. In the centre of the village there is a two storied building of the secondary school. The building is very old, but it is very cosy.There is a sport centre, Chemistry, many shops. I like to go fishing with my grandfather. There are many fish in the Don. The water in the Don is shining, I like to relax in such a way.The people of my village are very hospitable, they are always glad to meet the guests. This place is for those people who are looking for peace. There is no traffic noise here. If you want to walley on a carpet of meadows and flowers or climb the hills covered with thick wood.
Kalininskiy is just this place, which you must visit!

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