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Maly Krasny Yahr

Капралов Антон – ученик 6 класса
МБОУ Сахаровской средней общеобразовательной школы
Алексеевского района Республики Татарстан
Учитель- Садреева Таскиря Хусаиновна

I am Anton Kapralov. I live in a very small village Maly Krasny Yahr, which is situated in Alexeevsk district, 120 kms far from the capital of Tatarstan - Kazan. The village is on the right shore of the Shentalka river, which flows into the Kama and then into the Volga. The Shentalka is not deep, but it’s very clear. There is a rich forest and a nice pond near the village.
My village has a great history, which is closely connected with a history of Bolshoy Krasny Yahr, because they were located very closely and were united into one collective farm
Between two villages there was a church. People of all around 7 villages visited our church. The great well – known scientist A.M.Butlerov was christened at our church. Sound of 12 bells called the people for prayer! The church was closed in 1935, in 1937 the bells were taken off. The priest and his wife were killed by soldiers.
All the people of the village were proud of our horses first of all. There were many types of bloodstocks. Many of them took part in the horse racings and were champions of our region. The most well-known jockey was Stepan Staroverov. His favourite racehorses were called Reklama, Dospech (the champion of Russia in 1970), Boyarynya, Bayan. The best racehorses were trained in Kazan by him. Our horses were popular and very expensive in Russia. They say that some horses were taken to a circus. A horse was sent to Kliment Voroshilov to Moscow. Nowadays there is no any purebred horse in the village…
I know the beauty of my village, I love it with my heart and soul…Welcome to Krasny Yahr!

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