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Kamskie Polyany

Шайдуллина Айгуль Амировна
МБОУ «Лицей №35», г. Нижнекамск,
Республика Татарстан

Я - ученица 9Г класса МБОУ «Лицей №35» города Нижнекамска. Очень люблю танцевать, поэтому хожу на танцы уже 11 лет. Мои любимые предметы в школе – математика, обществознание, русский, физика и, конечно же, английский язык. Пока у меня с английским языком плоховато, но в дальнейшем я обязательно буду его знать на 5+, так как без него в наше время никуда! Учитель английского языка – Ахметшина Гульшат Миневалиевна

Warm sunshine, joyful mood, good people, good friends, and sweet memories – all these are about my favorite village. I was born in the town of Nizhnekamsk, but we lived in urban Kamskie Polyany. All in all, I lived there for fourteen years. First steps, first friends, learning, hobby, favorite places, and much more is connected with Kamskie Polyany. They say, my native village is not well-developed. But I think they are wrong! Just breathe fresh, clean air of the village, and you will understand the value of living there. It is special - clean and fantastic, like a magical powder that transports you into a fairy tale! In general, nature is the most important thing I like in Kamskie Polyany. As I have said, the air here is fresh. As a child, I thought that this is due to the large number of trees because they absorb carbon dioxide. To some extent, this also affected. In the summer all the inhabitants of the village are going to swim in the nearest lake, but most people go to the Kama-river. It is nice and very original. Trees look as if smiling at the sand where you can rarely find any stones. And it is very clean because people take care of the nature of their native land. I’ve never been at the sea, but I can imagine it closing the eyes on the bank of the Kama River and listening to a song of the waves and seagulls. We lived on the seventh floor in the centre of the village but I saw Kama through the window and always enjoyed the beautiful view. In the spring the ice went away and watching from the windows of our house I was thinking how fascinating it was! It was great - like anything in this kind of unusual. The nature of my favorite village is very beautiful. I told you just a little of what is available there. I believe that an urban-type settlement “Kamskie Polyany” is much better than some cities of Russia. I loved it, I love it and I will always love my town!!!

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