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Насретдинова Дина Джамилевна
Гимназия №1 имени Ризы Фахретдина

The big majority of foreign people, even from Russia, don’t know our small town Almetyevsk. And of course, it is not strange. Almetyevsk is the very attractive city of our Tatarstan Republic. It is situated near the small river Zai and its territory is about 41 square kilometres. First that should be said, is that it is the oil capital of Tatarstan. We call oil “black gold”. It is the main component of economic of Almetyevsk. Despite it has only 140 thousand population, it is very modern and flowered with a lot of spectacular views. It is not so much to tell about its history, it is just a few inaccurate facts. History connected with a lot of myths and legends. It is known that town has origin from 1719. It is accepted that the founder was a man Almet. So, city’s name, as we see, very similar, it is devoted to him. It began as a small village called “Almetyevo”. Then Almetyevo took the status “town” in 1953 and became “Almetyevsk”. Now it is the bloomy town. We have a lot of opportunities to develop and enjoy living there. Wonderful lake, theatre, cinemas, gyms, park. Park is a splendid place, which convenes people from all areas republic. It is famous for singing fountains. It is nothing special, but we satisfied with that. And every inhabitant proud of his small and happy town. There are churchs and mosques. Different nations, people with different religions – all we live together and our relationship based on tolerance and trust. Pretty town. It is worth of seeing!

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