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Калеткина София,
Ученица 5 класса
руководитель: Корсун Э. Н.

My name is Sofia Kaletkina. I am 11 years old. I live in Moscow the capital of our country. I am in the 5th form. My hobby is dancing and drawing. I like Maths. I study English and like participating in different contests.

Калеткина София

My mother Larisa and father Oleg were born in Saransk, Republic of Mordovia. The territory of this republic is seven hundred kilometers to the south-west from Moscow, where I live with my family now. At home I often listen to stories about my parents’ childhood in this region. Visiting my parents’ native city is always an interesting event in my life. One day my mum and I walked through the town of Saransk with and she decided to show me something attractive. She took me to a theme park named after Pushkin. On our way we went down the hill past the beautiful fountains, the Pushkin monument and saw the beautiful main entrance to the park.
We came in. My mother drew my attention to the «live» picture. It was a portrait of Pushkin and a calendar made of green plants.
Coming up closer, I saw the date. The day of the week, the month and the year were made of «living» plants on the ground!
Then my mum said that nothing had changed in these «live» pictures for forty years. Every day the park workers change the calendar as it was in the mother`s childhood.
Traveling to other towns of Russia and countries of Europe, I`ve never seen such unusual calendars. Saransk was founded in 1641. There is the S.D. Erzya Museum of Fine Arts. The main part of the museum's collection includes folk art works of Mordovia, unique sculptures of Erzya and paintings of the famous artist of the 19th century F. Sychkov.
I love this place because it’s a my parents’ birthplace. I like staying there and advise everybody to visit Saransk.

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