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The village of Mordovskaya Payovka, the Republic of Mordovia

Тряпкин Михаил Николаевич
ученик 6 класса
МБОУ «Мордовко-Паевская средняя общеобразовательная школа»
Инсарский район Республики Мордовия
Учитель: Сорокина Анна Геннадьевна

The history of the church in the village of Mordovskaya Payovka begins around 1885. The church was built in honor of the Kazan Mother of God, it was wooden. According to the words of some old villagers, one of the last priests was the father of John (he was shot in the Penza). Another priest, who served until 1937, was Father Dmitri. In soviet times the church was closed, the building was used as a granary. The old church was quite high, so in the fifties it was rebuilt into a two-story school building. In the late 80’s of the XX century in the village built a new brick school, and the wooden building of the church was dismantled. Now in that place is a school garden.
In 2001, the year began a new history of our church, when a small house of worship was opened and the rector of the church, Sergei Sorokin, started to build a new church. In 2004, a very beautiful wooden church was built. There is a Voskresnaya school, when I like to learn about our Lord. Not so far there is a holy fountain, it is called” Yavlenny” (it means "appearing miraculously").

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