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МКОУ «Томторская СОШ им. Н.М. Заболоцкого»
ученица 9 класса Сивцева Мария,
учитель: Берёзкина Любовь Павловна.

Оne of the most beautiful regions of Yakutia is Oymiakon where temperature in winter falls down – 70 C. It is severe, strong and at the same time fragile and amazing nature. It strikes you with its silence, polar temperature and winds, snow covering ground for the most of a year. But unique, blossoming, colorful life hides behind these extreme conditions. It is a wild nature of the North. There are never melting ice glaciers and never frozen places. It is a land of unique culture and living style of indigenous peoples of the North.
Oimyakon region is situated in the north – eastern part of Yakutia. Territory – 92,2 thousands sq. km. There are 7 settlements. The centre is Ust-Nera. The main river is the Indigirka. People of the North keep their traditional way of living. They hunt and fish, breed horses, cattles and reindeers.
Oymiakon is famous for its historical places and sights. The highest point of Oymiakon is Mus-Khaya Mountain (2956 m). Labynkyr is a famous lake where the monster lives. It is full of different kinds of fish. Sytygan Sylba is hot spring, the thermal waters of it are used in medicine. A unique finding was revealed during excavation works in Oymiakon (27.09.2004) on a gold mining site. Scientists defined fragments of a baby- mammoth body. Its length is 1.2 m and weight is60 kg. Until now there were only 4 baby- mammoth found in the world, but the Oymiakon one is much older than the others. Chiskhan is the image of Frost and Cold. There is a house of Chiskhan and the museum of ice figures. Many scientists, tourists visit Oymiakon. Santa Claus and Father Frost (Ded Moroz) are the main heroes of the annual Festival «Pole of Cold».
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