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The Labynkyr

МКОУ «Томторская СОШ»
Работа ученицы 9 «а» класса
Лазаревой Юлианы,
Учитель английского языка:
Берёзкина Любовь Павловна

There is a unique place Oimyakon. It is known as a Pole of Cold. There are many sightseeings in Oymiakon. There is a mysterious and beautiful lake- Labynkyr. It is the largest lake in Oymiakon region. It is 14,3km long and 4km wide, the depth is 52.6 metrs. The water of the lake is clean. In winter when the t=-50 degrees the water is frozen very slowly. There are three islands in the lake. Labynkyr is full of fish.
There cannot be many people who have not heard of the Labynkyr monster which appears in the news. For many of years there have been reports of unusual large animal in the lake. There are many stories about the water monster. People who say that they have seem the monster describe it as an animal with a small head and a large body. The expeditions under the leadership Andrey I. made under water photographs however, it did not help to find out what the monster really is. Year after year the tourists come to Labynkyr watch the lake in the hope that one of the animals will come up.
The Labynkyr is a real attraction for people from all parts of the world.
We hope that scientists will be able to say one day whether the Labynkyr monster is a fact or fiction.

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