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Vladimir, Stoletovs Brothers Memorial Museum

Куделькина Ксения Олеговна 11 класс
МАОУ «Лингвистическая гимназия №23
им. А.Г.Столетова» г. Владимира
Учитель – Семенова Татьяна Владимировна

My name is Kseniya, I study in Vladimir Linguistic Gymnasia#23. My school is named after the Stoletovs brothers. One of them, Nikolay Grigoryevich, was a famous general who helped to liberate Bulgaria from the Turks and became the national hero of Bulgaria. The second one, Alexander Grigoryevich, was a famous physicist known all over the world for his great achievements in applied physics. He worked in the Moscow State University and organized the first Russian physics laboratory there.
The Stoletovs brothers were born in Vladimir and we are very proud of our prominent citizens. There is a memorial museum of the Stoletovs family, which is located in the centre of Vladimir in the street, which has the name of the Stoletovs now. It is situated in a wooden one-stored house of the second half of the 19th century which once belonged to the family.
Students of Gymnasia#23 often visit this museum and even do research work trying to find new facts connected with the activities of Alexander and Nikolay. I also participated in the research work, took part in the “Stoletovs’ Reading” conference organized by the museum staff and our gymnasia administration.
The museum contains a wonderful exposition devoted to the members of the Stoletovs family, their childhood, professional career and achievements. One can see unique instruments from the MSU physics laboratory, letters of the outstanding scientists, with whom A.Stoletov kept correspondence, books, manuscripts, photographs, things, which tell us about family hobbies, about military, diplomatic, scientific activity of the brothers. I believe this exhibition will be interesting for everybody, especially for those who is fond of our history, and wants to learn more about the life of our outstanding countrymen.

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