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Vladimir. Sobornaya Square

Сопнева Виктория, 11 «Б» класс
МОАУ «Лингвистическая гимназия № 23 им. А. Г. Столетова»
Г. Владимир
Учитель: Семенова Татьяна Владимировна

It’s no doubt that everybody knows Red Square in Moscow and Palace Square in Saint-Petersburg. My native city Vladimir can also boast of a famous square, which is called Sobornaya. Foreign tour guides often translate it as “Cathedral Square”, because it is located very close to the Assumption Cathedral. But it is not exactly so. From the historical point of view, the name “Sobornaya” comes from the Russian word “sobiratsya”, which means “to gather”. In old times it was a meeting place, where all citizens gathered together to discuss different urgent issues. Sobornaya Square is one of the most wonderful places of interest in Vladimir. It is surrounded by such monuments of architecture as the Assumption Cathedral (XIIth c), buildings of the City Council, Nobility Association and City Bank (XIXth c). In the center of the square stands the Monument in commemoration of the 850th anniversary of Vladimir. According to the idea of its authors, three symbolic bronze figures represent three creators of history: an ancient warrior, which faces the defensive Golden Gates, an architect, facing the Assumption Cathedral and a worker, facing the modern industrial part of the city. The reliefs carved above them illustrate the most important historical events of the city of Vladimir. As Sobornaya Square still remains one of the most popular meeting places, people often make appointments near this monument. It is amusing that among the citizens the creators of history are often called “three lazy-bones”, because they just sit at their place and don’t do anything. However, according to the common belief, they protect the city from disasters, enemies and evil forces. It might be so, as the city chronicles say that Vladimir has got “special divine protection”.

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