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Chita, Daurian rhododendron

Anastasia Romanovna Makarova,
School № 49 specializing in English, Form 6 B
English teacher
Margarita Nikitichna Gusar

I will tell you about the unique plant Daurian rhododendron. This is a beautiful plant with small violet flowers. In other words, this shrub is called Bagylnik by our people. Rhododendron grows in the forests and hills around our town of Chita. Bushes begin to bloom in spring and shed in early summer. For the type, this plant - the usual shrub with many slender branches - does not attract your attention. But as soon as the sun warms the spring, this shrub becomes unusually beautiful pink bushes. All branches of this shrub are covered with pale pink flowers, and the hills turn pink. If the rhododendron branches put in the water, they will bloom even in winter.
In our city every year many musicians, soloists from six countries perform in the festival. It`s very popular among the citizens of Chita. The festival is given the name « Blossoming Bagylnik », which in our opinion reflects the geographic location and date - usually festival take place in April. Although not always in nature at this time a flower blooms, but the philharmonic on the stage, it is a symbol of the festival is always dissolved. Many Zabaykal poets have devoted poems to this beautiful plant.

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