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Chita, Secrets of Lake Kenon

Bondyreva Nadezda.
Form 10, Chita school № 30
English teacher – Kapustin Lilia Mikhaelovna

My name is Bondyreva Nadya. I’m a student of school 30. I like to draw, dance and learn English. In my city there is Kenon's unique lake which visited each inhabitant of Chita but very few people knows about the interesting facts from history of his existence.

Lake Kenon is the perl of our city. Its origin is very mysterious. There are different hypothesis about it. Some scientists say about gtacial origin, others support the ideq of volcanic one. The first record of the Kenon was in Gmelin’s (Russian traveler) book in 1924., there were some records in Decembrist’s books. They all wrote about “a great number of tasty crucians” In early time the lake was wild and fine. The aborigens named this lake “Ke nor”. It meant “Beautiful lake”. Then this word was transformed into “The Kenon”. And now about the facts: 1 Already it is impossible to present that fresh- water turtles were found in depths of the lake some thousand years ago. And near the lake lived mammonts and woolly rhinoceroses lived. 2 In the 19-th century it was possible to see many camps of stone, bronze, copper and iron centuries near the Kenon. 3 In the thirties of the 20-the century it was offered to do a crash landing on the Kenon in the case of disrepair of the plane. According to different version there are about ten planes on the bottom of the lake. 4 Rahovo street was called Kenonshkaya. It was named so after the cassock camp. 5 In the eighties (80-irs) of the 20- th century a competition on water orientation was held. One athlet saw a shell lying at the bottom. The whole group of sappers arrived to this place. As a result a great number of shells, rifles and cartridges were found. I hope that each person of our city will understand on how many Kenon is unique and will try to keep it.

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